Here’s What Your Diet Might Not Be Telling You About What It Takes To Get Lean.

It’s a new year and you are focused on the new you. You want to be fit and leaner so you can feel good doing the things you want and look better.

You want six-pack abs. Toned muscles. That look of fitness and health. It’s an image we see countless times a day n advertising and social media.

But do you know what it takes to be that lean? To really understand what you have to do? What sacrifices you have to make to look a certain way.

You have to accept there are certain trade-offs you will need to make if you want to lose fat and change your health. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s a lot better if you understand these choices.

In the infographic below from Precision Nutrition, you can see the trade-offs for different levels of leanness. This is a key step in setting realistic goals and living a life you can happily sustain.

what it takes to get lean
what it takes to get lean
what it takes to get lean
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