ECCentric Strength capacity 



ABSORB is a measure of eccentric abilities which are what give athletes the ability to land, stop, and cut safely and effectively.

Think of this type of strength as your shock absorbers and brakes.

These activities come with high levels of force, and often high levels of speed. Think about an athlete who just went up for a rebound in basketball or spike in volleyball. After that jump, they have to absorb the forces of landing. That means controlling them so they don’t get injured, and so they are ready to go into the next action they need to make.

Every athlete that needs explosiveness on the court or field, also needs the capabilities to Absorb the same forces.

What This Test Impacts...

Injury Risk Reduction
Speed - First Step & Acceleration
Change of direction and agility
Jumping Ability
Bat Speed, Raquet Speed, Club speed, ETC...
Contact / Collisions
Speed - Max Velocity
Throwing Speed
Punching / Kicking Power