“The Velocity Sports Performance program has helped our players develop as well rounded athletes and better lacrosse players. Velocity’s program offers personalized attention which very much involves the individual athlete in the process of achieving his or her goals. The speed, agility and strength training they have received has translated into on-field success.”
– Alexis Goeller, Director Trident Lacrosse

Programs for basic athletic development and advanced lacrosse specific training

Velocity is a global leader in sports performance across 17 countries and 24 sports and we know lacrosse.

We guarantee that you’ll be faster, have a quicker first step and change direction with blazing speed after training at Velocity Sports Performance.

If you’re serious about getting an edge, then you need to train right. Not just doing anything, but training that both gets you ready as a lacrosse player and makes you a better athlete.

Just like our pros, you’ll get the speed and agility training proven to help game speed, along with athletic strength training that helps you be more explosive while reducing the risk of injury.

To accommodate the necessary demands of training in a busy sports schedule, we have options to train 2 to 4 days a week.

Better yet, you have options in the afternoon or evening and weekends, plus you can even change week to week based on what you have in your schedule. Whether its family and fun, or a lacrosse camp, we can still help you.

One of the biggest advantages you can get is to reduce your risk of injury. Like any sport, lacrosse players can get hurt, but there are some areas of the body at greater risk than others.

We look at the overall risk factors, but also specific areas like the ankles, knees, and shoulders and show you how to protect them.

When fall practice starts, having the stamina to go hard for every practice builds confidence and lets you show your skill.

We know that to have great conditioning for lacrosse you need to develop both your aerobic and anaerobic energy system. We do that with an advanced program that will push you to your limits.

Save $100 off your athletic performance profile. (Normally $199 for initial testing and program plan plus followup progress testing)