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In order to realize your true athletic potential, it is imperative to keep you healthy, injury free and participating in your sport and activities. At Velocity we help you achieve this goal by integrating our Performance Rehab approach into all our programs — from group to individuals, youth through elite.

We implement the world’s best practices to keep you in the game.


Injuries may be part of sports, but you can be proactive and reduce your risk. We help the world’s leading organizations identify how their athletes can stay in the game and compete, and stay off the sidelines and free of injuries.

IDENTIFY | Using screening tools and tests specific to your needs, we can identify where you might be at risk and what you can do to prevent it.

IDENTIFY | Using screening tools and tests specific to your needs, we can identify where you might be at risk and what you can do to prevent it.


You don’t have to play in pain. It puts you at risk of greater injury, makes you move less efficiently, and takes your focus from the game.

Pain is like the check engine light on a car. While elite athletes may play in pain to win a championship or take a shot at the Gold Medal, they can’t play that way at a high level for long. Chronic pain is your check body light warning you that your body needs maintenance.

Don’t ignore it!

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TREAT IT | You need one-on-one time with skilled elite clinicians — who will use a wide variety of techniques and the world’s best practices — to take care of the problem.

BEYOND CHASING THE PAIN | VSP specialists are experts in using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment with athletes — from elite and Olympic levels all the way down to evaluate your movement and find your pain’s root cause.

MAINTAIN | Your body is the ultimate machine — which means constant maintenance and tuning. VSP specialists who will teach you how to stay healthy, pain free and performing at your best.


After you’ve sustained an injury,  you have to work hard to return to the game total physical and mental confidence. Once you’ve had an injury, your chance of re-injury is magnified greatly. Modern performance rehab focuses on you, the athlete, and what you can do while injured, plotting a path to better performance.

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BRIDGE THE PERFORMANCE GAP | We will take you from injured athlete, to basic function and then to performance. Approach your rehab like training, striving to improve each day with new challenges.

PREPARE FOR SPORT | It’s not enough to just eliminate pain and get back basic function. As an athlete, you need to safely return to your sport with the strength, power, speed and stamina required to perform at your highest level.

Although an injury limits your fitness capacity, we use the recovery time to improve other equally important areas of your game, including different body parts, mindset, nutrition, and specific skills