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Soccer Performance

Soccer Performance & Fitness Training

Are you ready to up your game as a soccer player? We can help. In fact, our state-of-the-art training facility is equipped with everything you need to excel in your specialized sport. From our advanced biomechanics technology to our elite soccer coaching staff, you’ll have access to a comprehensive menu of training services that can help you kick harder, sprint faster and outperform your competition.

As with all of our sport specific training agendas, we value the use of a customized and regimented program that considers both the mental and physical aspects of your game. Whether you are just learning the game of soccer or are wanting to try out at the professional level, we are confident we can help you meet your goals at STACK Sports Performance & Therapy in Atlanta.

Speed Training

When it comes to being a top-level soccer player, speed is a critical component of your performance. In fact, it can be a game changer. At STACK Sports Performance Training, we use a proven 4-part speed formula that is based on biomechanics and motor control. Our integration of video technology and knowledge in neuro-programing and motor learning allow us to develop customized drills that will ultimately help you stay ahead of the pack on the field. Call today to learn more about increasing your speed and agility in soccer.

Strength Training

All sports require physical power, or strength. Even soccer demands explosive movements in sprinting, kicking, changing direction and more. To ensure your muscles are equipped to meet peak performance demands, a proper strength training program is important. We use advanced technology to perform a biomechanical analysis of your current strength compared to the type of strength required for soccer players. You can trust that our soccer performance training coaches understand the unique relationship with muscle and joint movement, stability and timing, to produce the ideal force for your sport. Our customized strength training programs evolve at each stage and level of the athlete. They may range from general bodyweight movements to advanced plyometrics and barbell lifts.

Our soccer training methods are designed to help you succeed in your performance on the field. Also, our approaches prevent injuries and help your body stay strong and healthy for the future demands of the sport. If you would like to personally consult with one of our soccer personal trainers at STACK Sports Performance & Therapy in Atlanta, please contact us today. We are happy to provide you with a free trial of our soccer training program to determine if it is right for you.