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Football Performance

Football Performance & Fitness Training

Regardless of your skill level or position on the football field, our training programs can help enhance your performance and meet your personal goals as a player. By implementing individualized football-specific exercises and drills in a regimented pattern, we can accomplish the following:

  • Increase endurance
  • Improve acceleration
  • Gain more power
  • Reduce injury

At STACK Sports Performance & Therapy, we look at all aspects of the game. We have an elite team of coaches who have trained young football players just starting out as well as professional athletes preparing for NFL Combine testing. Regardless of your age or level of play, we are confident we can help you up your game. We have a state-of-the-art facility that integrates advanced sports technology, comprehensive physical therapy, nutrition, sports psychology and elite training techniques.

Speed Training

When it comes to making you a faster football player, we utilize coaching tactics based on the latest motor learning techniques to increase your functional speed. Our training staff recognizes the unique speed and agility skills that are required for each position in the game of football. Maximum speed, acceleration and agility are all addressed in our football speed training programs.

Strength Training

The groundwork of a successful football conditioning program is strength training. While absolute or maximal strength can certainly enhance your performance, our coaches realize that the greatest gains are made when maximum strength is converted into explosive power. Power, which is a combination of strength and speed, is a key factor in helping football players come out on top.

At STACK Sports Performance & Therapy, we offer quality football training programs that are adjusted to fit the needs of the athlete throughout the pre-season, post season and in-season. We also recognize that every athlete comes to us with different strengths, injury histories, genetics and goals. Our coaches are prepared to tailor a football performance and fitness training program just for you!

Contact us now to speak with one of our elite-level personal trainers in Atlanta. Get ready to start performing your finest in the grueling game of football.