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Basketball Performance

Basketball Performance & Fitness Training

The best way to become a better basketball player isn’t just by playing more basketball. Those who participate in sport-specific training programs off the court can improve their overall athleticism and take their game to the next level. At STACK Sports Performance & Therapy, we have a state-of-the-art facility led by world-renowned coaches. They understand the specific skills required to become a better basketball player, which is a player with more speed, agility, endurance and strength.

Speed Training

We help basketball athletes in all aspects of the game, including those that involve their physical and mental abilities. Basketball is a dynamic sport that requires quick responses in multi-planes of movement as well as full court sprinting. Therefore, speed training is of primary importance. At STACK Sports Performance & Therapyg, we develop customized drills to improve speed and agility as it relates to basketball.

Speed and agility training can improve footwork skills and boost cardiorespiratory stamina, both of which are crucial for the game of basketball. As an added bonus, our speed and agility training programs will also play a major role in reducing the likelihood of injury for basketball players.

Strength Training

The explosive jumping and sudden change from jogging to sprinting in basketball requires power. Through our basketball-specific strength training, you can gain a competitive edge over your opponents. Our coaches always carefully evaluate each player’s current strength level before initiating a regimented program. Your strength training may involve bodyweight exercises, plyometrics or weights, depending on your age, current strength level and personal goals.

Ready to learn what STACK Sports Performance & Therapy can do for your basketball game? Contact our Atlanta location today. We offer a comprehensive menu of services for athletes of all ages and levels, including nutrition plans and physical therapy.