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Performance & Fitness Training Programs

When it comes to improving someone’s level of performance or fitness, there is no cookie-cutter approach. At STACK Sports Performance & Therapy, we value the importance of designing a customized training regime that carefully considers your current level of fitness and health. This is as well as your specific fitness goals going forward. Individuals come to us in all sizes, skill levels and stages of life. We are proud to be able to serve each one of them with the world-class performance and fitness training they deserve. We offer well-rounded programs that include sports psychology, nutrition, strength, speed, conditioning, injury recovery and more. Whether you are simply trying to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass as a young adult or you’re training for the NFL Combine, you can trust our elite coaches to help you achieve maximum results.

Our performance and fitness training programs address the following diverse groups:

Young Athlete – We offer three training programs for young athletes: Accelerated (8-11 years), Competitive (12-14 years) and Elite (15+ Years). Our coaches are exceedingly qualified to work with young athletes as they develop their athletic skills and mindset for sports performance.

Adult –  You don’t have to be an elite athlete or on a sports team to benefit from our training programs. Our coaches offer result-oriented performance training for adults who have a wide range of fitness goals. These goals may include weight loss, sports performance, functional movement, strength development and more.

NFL Combine – We have everything you need to reach optimal performance for the NFL Combine. Our dynamic team of coaches and integrated support team consider all aspects of your elite training, including mindset, nutrition, rehab, regeneration and performance. NFL Combine training involves renowned coaching methods and world-class sports science and technology to help top NFL athletes attain peak results.

Athlete Performance & Fitness Training – When it comes to improving performance and fitness, we train athletes of all ages, from 8 to 80. Our customized programs are regimented to help individuals meet and even exceed their goals in strength, speed/agility, conditioning, flexibility and more.

Soccer Performance & Fitness Training – From youth soccer to professional level soccer, we can take your game to the next level. Our individualized training programs foster improved soccer athletes through specialized training tactics in strength, speed, coordination, endurance and more.

Football Performance & Fitness TrainingWhether you are looking to train in-season or off-season, we have outstanding fitness trainers who can help you build football-specific skills in speed, agility, power, endurance and more.

Basketball Performance & Fitness TrainingOur Atlanta based facility is state-of-the-art, and it is uniquely designed to help basketball players stay competitive or reach the next level of their game. We empower and equip new and seasoned basketball players to perform their best in shooting, rebounding, sprinting and more.

Baseball Performance & Fitness Training – Not only are our baseball training programs designed to improve base running and boost hitting power and throwing speed, they also reduce the likelihood of baseball injuries.

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