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NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training 


Founded in 2015, ATL-STACK is a top tier sports performance facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to provide elite athletes with education, training, and physical therapy with the goal of maximizing athletic performance, personal and professional presentation. Using technology and equipment, ATL-STACK delivers innovative athletic performance training that will enhance the NFL Combine / Pro Day experience and future NFL performance. We have helped many collegiate athletes in their journey to become professionals at their craft. With our team of knowledgeable performance coaches and our proven system of success, we can also help you achieve your performance goals.



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Mobility & Recovery

NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training


At ATL-STACK , we understand stretching and soft tissue work play key roles in performance. Healthy tissue allows for optimal joint range of motion. By stimulating blood flow and reducing restricting scar tissue, we also minimize the chances of injury. Our team of performance coaches provide guidance in techniques for self-stretching and Myofascial Release (SMR), which ultimately lead to improved overall performance.

Physical Therapy

NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training


At ATL-STACK , we believe the most important aspect of NFL Combine preparation is health. The first step in our system is a comprehensive functional movement screening to establish a health baseline. This baseline enables us to design a personalized program to ensure optimal health and performance for each athlete. Our on-site physical therapy services coupled with our access to some of the top sports orthopedic doctors help the ATL-STACK team provide the attention required during the training period.

Bruce Irvin #51, Linebacker, Oakland Raiders

Speed & Agility Training

NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training


Our performance coaches here at ATL-STACK focus on developing proper running techniques with emphasis on acceleration, maximum velocity, and multi-directional speed. Attention to detail in these specific areas enable our athletes to be better prepared for the 40 Yard Dash, 5 –10– 5 , 3 – Cone Drill, and 60 Yard Shuttle. Our coaches use their education, experience and video technology when evaluating athletes. We are determined to identify ways to help drop critical tenths and hundredths from our athletes timed results. This can lead to Combine/Pro-Day success.

Strength & Power Training

NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training


When preparing and performing for your sport, strength and power are the foundation for optimizing athleticism. Whether it be single rep max effort in the broad and vertical jumps, change in direction for the shuttle and “L” drills, or sustained effort for the 40-yard dash and bench press, the ATL-STACK team will help you achieve your goals. Our performance coaches use their experience, knowledge of the game and human performance to develop programs that will have you prepared to perform at the NFL Combine, Pro Day and on the field.

Nutrition & Supplementation

NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training


The most rigorous training program will not yield ideal results without proper nutrition. The ATL-STACK team works with our athletes to teach the importance of nutrition for current and future endeavors. Take advantage of the ATL-STACK pre-workout supplements, post-workout shakes, and on-site meals. Consuming the proper nutrients affects your health and overall well-being. Whether the goal is to put on lean muscle and weight or decrease body mass while staying explosive, we have the resources available to help every athlete experience success.

Comprehensive Combine Preparation

NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training


At ATL-STACK, we understand the impact of personal and professional presentation. Our athletes take part in interview and social media training in order to set a foundation for personal brand development. Increasingly, sports organizations consider social media channel management as an integral part of the evaluation process. Player value is often measured off the field through the strength of personal brand. It is important for athletes to understand how to communicate who you are, both on and off the field. Therefore, we provide assessment and techniques on how to properly manage social media channels and avoid common mistakes so athletes can present themselves as assets and not liabilities.


NFL Combine & Pro Day Performance Training


Maurice Fountain

Owner, Director

Coach Maurice “Moe” Fountain brings a great deal of experience to the ATL-STACK team along with a love for the game of football. His work ethic led him to success on every level.

Coach Moe was a four-year letter man while studying Sports Management at Clemson University. During his tenure there, he received numerous accolades. His junior and senior seasons, he was a starter for the Clemson Tigers at defensive end and he received “The Strength and Conditioning Dedication Award”. Coach Moe also played 8 years of professional football including 5 seasons in the NFL. Having a passion for sports performance, Coach Moe even trained and coached young athletes during the off-season.

In 2014, Coach Moe retired from professional play. Soon after, he began training and coaching athletes as the start of his “life after football”. The decision to own and operate ATL-STACK along with his wife, Nicole Fountain, M.D. was the perfect next step for them.

Coach Moe enjoys spending time with his family as well as watching just about every sport there is.

Nicole Fountain, M.D.

Owner, Director

Nicole Fountain is a wife, mother, doctor, business woman and athlete. With her husband, Maurice ‘Coach Moe’ Fountain, they became a franchisee of Velocity Sports Performance to combine all their passions – athletics, entrepreneurship, and medicine. For Nicole, family is everything. Owning and operating ATL-STACK offers a demonstration to their children, of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of family teamwork.

Raised an athlete, Nicole competed in many sports including swimming, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. A former collegiate basketball player and graduate of Clark Atlanta University, Nicole studied chemistry and eventually earned her medical degree from University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St.Kitts, West Indies.

Justin Miller

Sports Performance Coach

External Affairs Coordinator

Justin Miller is an accomplished football player. He was a second round draft pick for the New York Jets, in the 2005 NFL draft. Selected to the 2007 Pro Bowl, Justin also claimed the title as the “NFL’s Fastest Man”. He played for the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions while continuing his college coursework. Justin enjoyed a 7-year professional football career before retiring. Since retirement, Justin has coached defensive backs for Clemson University, PACE Academy in Atlanta and prepared numerous collegiate defensive backs for the NFL draft. He has also served as a consultant for various NFL, NCAA and high school defensive backs. Justin’s goal is to groom every defensive back he works with into an elite defender with great speed, technique and instincts for the game.

Justin Miller is a native of Owensboro, Kentucky. He attended college at Clemson University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.

E.J. Webb, CSCS, CPT

Sports Performance Director

E.J. Webb attended Fork Union Military Academy for a post high school graduate year. This led him to receive a football scholarship at Georgia Southern University and, ultimately play professional arena football.

During his football journey, E.J. became interested in working with athletes. Soon after, he pursued a career in teaching and coaching, in his hometown. His interests eventually evolved into a love of training, which led him to work in the sports performance arena. In 2015, E.J. began training at STACK Velocity sports performance in Roanoke Virginia. His continued development in sports performance and training has led to the opportunity with ATL-STACK as the Head Sports Performance coach.

Outside of training and working, E.J. enjoys spending time with family and giving back to the community.

E.J. is a native of Roanoke, Virginia. He was a four-year starter at Georgia Southern and earned his degree in Sports Management.

Chelcie Scott

Sports Performance Coach

Operations Manager

Chelcie Scott is a fitness and sports performance coach who specializes in high-intensity interval training with a focus on strength and conditioning. Chelcie looks to uplift others by challenging them daily to push forward through physical, mental, and spiritual barriers. She has a genuine appreciation for the differences in people. Chelcie encourages others to confront their struggles, accentuate their self-beauty, and embrace who they are. Chelcie’s love for her daughter and family are second to none.

Chelcie is native of Des Moines, Iowa. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Physiology with a minor in International Studies from the University of Iowa. She also earned a Master’s degree in Sports Administration from Georgia State University.

Shontavia Kearse

Community Relations Manager

Shontavia Kearse started her career as an intern at ATL-STACK Performance and Therapy in summer 2017. Shontavia has always been passionate about helping others and diligent about building business relationships. She knows that hard work and dedication are requirements for success. Shontavia’s primary goal at ATL-STACK is to grow and create an experience for everyone she encounters. Shontavia believes family is extremely important. She enjoys spending time with them and does everything in her power to make them proud.

Shontavia is a native of Allendale, South Carolina. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University.