How to be FASTER



Speed Training: You are doing it wrong.

If you want to get faster, you have to practice running as fast as you can. If you practice running slow, you will get better at being slow.

This is what we teach all of our athletes that come through our doors. We teach them how to get faster. For some reason, many sport coaches and young athletes still believe that in order to get faster they need to go out a couple times a week and run 15-20 minutes. They believe that running a few extra miles, a couple of times a week, is going to get them faster and help them be prepared for next season.

Of course, it is good for athletes to put in extra work to get ready for their sport, but we must make sure they are doing the right types of things to get the correct results.

Let’s think about this for a second. If an athlete goes out and runs for 15-20 minutes how fast did they actually go? What was the top speed they got up to? Maybe 3-5 miles an hour. This means the athlete practiced running at 3-5MPH for about 15-20 minutes. This is not full speed running for any athlete. Also, a 3-5 MPH effort is not very hard for most athletes to do, meaning they are not ever pushing themselves. Sure, maybe the mental fortitude to keep going for extended periods of time is important. The most important part though is that this athlete never practiced running at their top speed. Going out a few times a week running 3-5 MPH is never going to help them increase their top speed. Which for some athletes can be upward of 20-25MPH.

I will say it again, if you want to get faster you must practice running as fast as you can.
You need to push yourself to your threshold to know how fast you are. It is hard for athletes to do this if they have been running long distances because they don’t have to push the speed threshold, and the mechanics for long distance running and sprinting are different. Jogging and sprinting have very different demands on the body as well as different techniques to be efficient.

Now we don’t just have our athletes go out and sprint as hard as they can every day! That’s not the answer. We teach them the basics of running and how to do it. We do this by using our Speed Formula. We want our athletes to be powerful and efficient. Powerful athletes are faster, and efficient athletes can go longer and are more resistant to injury. Our formula covers all of those.

Velocity’s Speed Formula and the things we want to teach our athletes:
Power= force/ time
Efficiency & Injury Prevention = optimal range of motion & proper direction
This gives us the BIG 4:

Big Force: we want to train our athletes to produce the most amount of force.

Short Time: We want our athletes to produce this force in the shortest amount of time (the longer your foot is on the ground the slower you are.)

Proper Direction: we want our athletes to use their power in the right direction so we are not wasting energy.
Optimal Range of Motion: we want our athletes to be able to move through the ranges of motion that are required for our sport.

As you can see there is much more to getting faster than just heading out for a run a few times a week. Our coaches at Velocity are dedicated to helping educate our athletes, their parents, and their coaches on what they need to be doing to GET FASTER.

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