You can get back to performing at a high level without pain by following Velocity’s athlete centered approach.

Our Sports Medicine team has decades of experience helping the worlds best athletes

The Velocity Sports Performance Sports Medicine program utilizes an athlete-centered approach developed from years of experience working in the world of elite sport. You get access to world class specialists who spend the entire therapy session hands on with you.


Pain, injury and loss of function can keep you from being your best.  It’s a common problem for many athletes and active individuals.
    • Rehab with methods for elite sports
    • Identifying and Targeting the root cause
    • Keep active and training while rehabbing because we understand sports/fitness



Our professional staff delivers a progressive, scientifically based Return to Sport bridge program for athletes.

  • Validated Assessments for identifying risks and individual needs.
  • Medically driven progressions and regressions for exercise.
  • Movement training to reinforce effective .mobility, stability & motor control strategies.