The Biggest Predictor of Injury, Is Previous Injury

Don't Be A Statistic


Too many injuries aren’t rehabbed completely. A small deficit in your rehab, multiplies over practices, games and years to put you at more risk later.  Just because there is no more pain, or your insurance visits are used up, doesn’t mean your body is functioning at its best. 

Yo and Steve Nash
"After being cleared by my doctor after knee surgery I thought I was safe to return to playing Football, what I didn't know was my body wasn't ready for the sports I loved. I injured my knee in my first practice back! After the second surgery I used the return to play program at Velocity Sports Performance, having gone through the program I knew i was ready to be back on the field, and was actually more dynamic than before my first knee surgery. ."
High School Football Athlete


We are a trusted sports medicine provider to some of the world’s best athletes and teams.  We offer an evidence-based Return To Performance program, delivered by professional staff, to bridge the gap from rehab to performance.

  • Scientifically validated assessments for each phase of the rehab continuum
  • Medically driven progressions and regressions for exercise
  • Movement based progressions to reinforce effective mobility, stability and motor control strategies
  • Customized training plan based on your actual functional and performance levels, sport and injury history