You can get back to performing at a high level without pain by following Velocity’s athlete centered approach

We restore function, so pain and injury won't stop you

Pain, injury, and loss of function can keep you from being your best. It’s a common problem for many athletes and active individuals. Sometimes it’s from a chronic problem causing pain, or or maybe a loss of function from a major injury. This can keep you out of the game, reduce your performance, and get in the way of doing the things you love.

Many people have tried different treatments, therapy, or medications in the past without the results wanted. Elite athletes can't afford to be frustrated, and live with pain or poor function. You don’t have to either.

There is a different approach

You benefit from Velocity's decades of experience helping the worlds best athletes restore their function, and eliminate their pain with an athlete-centered approach.

Elite sport requires an athlete-centered approach because they need to get back as fast as possible, and do it at a high level of function. You deserve the same.

When athletes are injured they don't stop all training to rest and recover. We will help you stay on your feet, and not miss a beat. Although some activities may be limited, this can be an opportunity to modify training to keep going, and focus on other areas to improve. With guidance you can continue training during the rehab process.

Join the worlds elite athletes with better results

Your pain is eliminated faster and lasts when you treat to underlying cause. That’s why you’ll start with a functional examination by our sports medicine professionals. Working with the rest of the performance team, they identify areas of dysfunction that affect your pain or injury risk. Then they put a plan in place to fix it.

You’ll also be able to keep training. With modifications to your routine, or with a fully integrated program with the performance team. You need to be active and focus on what you can do.

"Working with the sports medicine team at Velocity, was def one of the best thing I have done in my recovery process. I definitely don't think I would have been ready to go play College sports if it wasn't for the amazing Sports Medicine team here at Velocity."
Jamyie Bettger
Women's Lacrosse