7 TRX Moves to Build Upper-Body Strength

The TRX Suspension System is great for providing exercises that are safe, functional and useful in preventing and recovering from injury. Essential to any strength-training program, an athlete uses their own bodyweight — adjusting resistance as needed — in order to target multiple muscle groups at once. The following exercises […]

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Feel-the-Burn Sprint Workout

Get a leg up on the competition with this sprint workout. This workout is designed to help athletes develop that first step quickness. You should always warm up before a workout, but this is especially important in this case. Initially, you may want to do this routine one time through […]

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Coach’s Guide to Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility has been the topic of wide discussion lately, and it’s no wonder why. Ankle injuries are one of the most common in training and sport.   Understanding a proper approach to gaining adequate ankle mobility can get lost in the complexity of training the inverters, everters, dorsiflexors, plantarflexors and […]

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