Why Athletes Benefit From Group Training

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Why should your athlete participate in group training sessions? Sports are about who can fail the least, and to get good at failing the least we must fail a lot at first. In a [...]

2 Words For Athletes To Avoid At All Costs

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By using negative words like HAVE TO and CAN'T we vocalize our fear of failure. Teaching athletes to keep a positive and growth mindset is important because being an athlete means you will fail multiple [...]

Why Athletes Should Train Every Day

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You don’t have to train physically every day, but if you have certain goals you need to be disciplined enough to continually “train” your mind as well. Professional athletes never have an off [...]

3 Ways to Break Out of a Slump

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We all go through times when things just don’t go our way. We try to break out of it, but no matter what we try we can’t seem to shake it. This could [...]

4 Signs of Dehydration to Take Seriously

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No matter the season, it is important for athletes to stay hydrated in order to perform at their highest level. However, during the warmer months, dehydration is a very serious topic for not [...]

How To Protect Against ACL Injuries

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Although Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are not as career ending as they used to be, they are still significant enough to greatly impact an athlete’s season and future potential. Because of this, [...]